The tuition available at London Golf Club is outstanding and provided by our PGA Professionals. The team is headed up by Paul Stuart and has a wide range of experience and a proven track record with players at all levels.

Please take a look at some of the packages we are able to provide, alternatively speak to Paul or one of his team to see how they can help.

30 Minute Swing Check

Check on grip, posture, ball position & alignment.
£35 per 30 minute session

45 Minute Lesson

Video lesson and professional analysis. Check on the fundamentals of the golf swing, posture, grip, alignment of clubface position.
£55 per 45 minute session
£70 per student - maximum 2 people
£90 per student - maximum 3 people

Playing Lessons

On course evaluation, including alignment shot making strategy, course management and pre shot routine.
9 Holes £90 + Green Fee

Personal Training Session

Designed to accommodate and fulfil players individual requirements.
Warm up like a professional Video session
Full swing and short game coaching
9 hole playing lesson
£200 for one student
£150 per student - maximum 2 people
£100 per student - maximum 3 people 

Ladies Coaching

Ladies roll-up every Friday from 9.30am. All ladies are welcome to join us - For more information please contact the Pro-Shop.

Junior Coaching

£30 - 30 minute lesson

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