Luck Shines on Sandelin After Losing Wedding Ring

Although he missed out on the Staysure PGA Seniors Championship title, Jarmo Sandelin left London Golf Club a happy man after finding his wedding ring which he lost out on the golf course.

The 1999 Ryder Cup player’s wedding ring fell out of his pocket during his third round last weekend, and the Swede desperately searched on the ninth hole after play finished.

Aided by more than 15 staff at London Golf Club, a metal detector was sourced and Sandelin was reunited with his wedding ring after searching for more than an hour and a half.

“Before I start a round, I always have my watch and my wedding ring in my left pocket,” said Sandelin. “When I was taking a buggy ride between the 13th and 14th, I realised that my ring was not there and I started to think desperately where it could be.

“When I came in, it wasn’t in the locker room or at the driving range and it could only have been on the golf course.

“I realised when I was on the ninth hole, I took my watch out of my pocket for a timing as I was looking for a lost ball – so it must have dropped out.

“After my round, myself and around 20 staff from the golf course were helping me find this ring. They then realised they had a metal detector. So I was searching with this metal detector for one and a half hours and I finally found it!

“My wife would have killed me – I told her after I found it; I wouldn’t have known what to have said if I hadn’t found it.

“I finished my third round, then had to spend an hour and a half in the rough looking for the ring. I usually lose golf balls on the course, but they aren’t as expensive.”

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